Operational Services

Aircraft Security

Ramp Security

Our staff checks and insures all persons entering the aircraft area are authorized.


Catering Security

PAS can provide security starting with meal security inspections and until catering products are loaded inside the aircraft.


Aircraft Security

PAS provides personnel to complete TSA required Interior & exterior security inspections.

Passengers Services

Passenger Check in Services

We provide check in services for schedule or chartered flight. We can provide automated or manual check in services.


Passenger Arrival Handling

We ensure passengers are escorted for proper processing at immigrations, baggage pickup and customs.


Passenger Departure Processing

Staff collects documents and data to insure only cleared passengers are allowed to enter the aircraft for departure.

Operation Flight Controls

Clear Communications

Provides communication and coordination with all departments


Coordinate Flights & Weather

Coordinates flight planning and weather information as needed.


Liaison Between Associates 

Liaison with the Airport Authority, Customs, & Immigrations. 

Aircraft Cleaning

Aircraft Interior Cleaning

Turnaround cleaning, overnight cleaning, and extensive cleaning. Lavatory cleaning & trash removal.


Cabin Cleaning

Seats & seat pockets, vacuuming of floors, wipe down windows, tray tables, & video screens.


Galley Cleaning

Surface cleaning, cleaning of floor area, oven cleaning, trash removal.


Office Cleaning

Cleaning & dusting, floor cleaning, trash removal, other items as requested by a customer.

Ramp Handling Services

Ramp Services

Loading & unloading of aircraft, delivery of luggage to baggage pickup area. Lavatory & Water servicing. Departing customer baggage handling & loading into the aircraft.


Departure Pushback & Towing Services

Window walkers, cockpit-ground communications, for towing cockpit brake operators.


Aircraft Cargo

Loading & unloading, wide & narrow bodied aircraft, wide body open deck handling. Upper deck loader has a capacity of 15,000 pounds


Cargo Operations

Work With Freight & Cargo Forwarders

We do not have a direct cargo department, but do work closely with Various freight forwarders and airline cargo operations.


Insure Cargo is Moved and Cleared

We can ensure your cargo is moved and cleared with the local Customs & Quarantine.


Services Upon Request

Services PAS Can Provide or Arrange

Private Jet Handling, Hotel Arrangments, Arrange for Vehicle Rentals, Assist in Other Needs You May Require.


Long Term Services

Pas can and has provided full handling and management of airlines that have established Saipan as a home base (Fly Guam, Dynamic Airways, Xtra Airways).


Short Term Services

PAS can and has assisted various company that have arrived in Saipan to complete contracted operations. We have provided them with Airport coordination, fueling coordination, escort assistance, and assistance in various outside services needed.