About PAS

About Pacific Airport Servies, Inc.

Pacific Airport Services, Inc. (PAS) began operations in 1991 and is owned by two individuals, Robert Hudkins from Saipan and Todd Smith from Guam. Hudkins moved from Guam to Saipan to start PAS and Smith has been a successful business man in Guam for over 35 years. Hudkins is an operating executive with the company and serves as President/CEO. Hudkins was a special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation for 15 years. Prior to starting PAS he had been providing airline security and drug investigative services for the airlines on a consulting basis in Guam.
Leon Mattern is a operating executive who is Vice President in charge of the maintenance and ramp/cargo division of PAS. Mattern is a US Air Force retiree completing 20 years of military service during which time he achieved the rate of E-8 or Senior Master Sergeant. Mattern joined Northwest Airlines (NWA) after retirement from the Air Force and was employed for 13 years. At the time of his retirement he was the NWA maintenance area manager for Asia Pacific/India and was located in Guam. Upon retirement from NWA he joined PAS.
Todd Smith is a resident of Guam and serves as the Vice President/Secretary-Treasurer of the company and acts as a business advisor to the company. Smith is a retired senior executive of the Deloitte Asia/Pacific Region and CEO/Chairman of the Deloitte operations in Guam, Saipan and the rest of Micronesia.

PAS has performed services for NWA/Delta Air Lines for the entire 21 years of existence. Our services initially were limited to passenger screening and aircraft cleaning and expanded seven years ago to include passenger service and five years ago to include aircraft maintenance. During our years of service we have demonstrated ability to perform high quality service that exceeds expectations. Our services were instrumental in the Saipan NWA/Delta station being ranked number one in Asia for the last four years. We continue our dedication to high quality service and are willing to rise to any occasion to properly serve our customer. PAS has a skilled, well trained and hardworking group of employees. We will continue our dedication to making sure our staff members are trained at the highest level to exceed expectations.
Other airlines we have provided full ground handled for is Oren Airlines. We have and do provide maintenance handling for Japan Airlines, Jet Star, China Airlines, Cape Air. Additionally we provide handling services for Private Jets in Saipan and Palau.
Currently, PAS Saipan provides full provides full ground handling, cargo and maintenance services.
PAS Guam provides aircraft maintenance services.
PAS Palau provides full ground handlings. Currently we are in the process of setting up aircraft maintenance handling services.
PAS is a certified Part 145 repair stationcertified in Saipan and Guam for line maintenance.